About us

Nov 08

We are Petra Wolf and Mike Metras.

We are walkers on the pilgrimage of life who are currently also walking on the paths of the world—specifically to Jerusalem from California.
Check our About Us page on our Walking with Awareness site. For more about Mike, check out Who’s Mike? on my older Works and Words site.
This journal is a periodic direct report of our two-year pilgrimage walk from Paso Robles, California across the US and then across Europe. You can read about why and where and our proposed and actual routes in detail on our Walking East: California to Jerusalem page and its supporting pages.
We’d love to share our walk with you more closely. If you are passing in your car and see us, stop and say hello. Or better yet, join us for a few days. We also could use a place to set up our tent now and then. For more information on how to find us or how you can “walk with us,” check out our Walk with us page.
Feel free to contact us at any time. You can find our addresses on our Contact us page.
As I rewrite this in March 2010, I am in Spain already, 414 days into this pilgrimage.