We’re about to continue walking

After stopping more than three months ago, we will soon be back walking from Arles forward in the direction of Jerusalem. We have rested and are ready to move again.
We stopped to digest what had been happening. We had fallen into many habits and ways of doing things that were draining our excitement. It was time to look at what we were doing and how to revitalize the walk. …or to stop it.
We mulled over many logical scenarios as we sat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California a month. We came to realize that we have to change our way of doing things if we want to continue walking.
In the end, excitement won the debate over whether to stay or continue walking. We were more excited about returning to the walk than looking for a place to stay and something to do here.
So now we will walk more relaxed with more emphasis on walking east easily than worrying so much on how far we go in a day and where we will stay. And when we feel like walking for an hour, a day, or days down separate roads as we each want to see or experience something different, we will do it. Our relationship will flourish as a result. And we will shed the cart to open many foot paths we cannot use with it. Besides the cart is too big for the roads of Europe anyway.
Enthusiasm has won out over logic. Logic was not working; we stood at a stalemate for many weeks. With the measuring stick of excitement and enthusiasm, the pilgrimage won hands down. We are ready to walk a new walk concentrating on each step, not where to stay at night or where we are going ultimately.
The spirit is with us. Ultrea!

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