Pausing in Arles

This afternoon we were sitting here in Arles under big trees in a square. The sun was bright. The shade was cool. the breeze was gentle. The temperature hung around 77 (25 C). Tonight is just as beautiful. It’s a fine time to be here. But there has been an overriding call to go to the mountains for a while. After so much discussing and so many ‘yeses’ and ‘nos’ in the past several weeks, we have decided to stop the walking part of the pilgrimage for now.
We are going “home” for a while. We want to go on retreat into the western US mountains for two or three months. Walking is even too fast for us now. We have to stop, to sit, and to see what the Universe has to show and tell us. And that’s what we are going to do.
This afternoon we booked the flight to San Francisco for two weeks from now (July 7). In the meantime we will rest here and visit Petra’s mom in Gütersloh.
Will we ever arrive in Jerusalem? We don’t know. It is important that we recognized the call and acted on it. The journey is and has always been the destination. And as we said in the last post, we have walked 5,000 miles (8,200 km) of the journey. We can take on the last 3,000 or so miles (5,000 km) sometime in the future–if we ever do.
Come back for updates.

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