Arles, France

We posted the text below the line just a short 15 hours ago. But all is not so much in stone. The strike-through text is not valid as of this minute. We have been thinking and talking about this since Spain. We thought we had a decision. But now we have other solutions and there is a good chance we will be continuing. We leave the post here to let you know that we are not always totally sure what is going to happen even the next day as we walk east.

We have ended our pilgrimage for now here in Arles. We will be returning to the US soon. It has been a great 500+ days. Wow! It has really been 16+ months and we have walked over 5,000 miles (8,200 kilometers). Now it’s time to rest and digest for a while. We leave the Alps, Italy, Greece, and Turkey for another day. The resting and digesting are likely to be only a few weeks now.
Thanks to all of you for your support. We look forward to doing our best to answer all of you who have commented on this log or emailed us during our continuing odyssey.

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