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I am poised ready to move forward to Manzilla de las Mulas or beyond. I rested a day (I did get a movie and couple posts out here, but at least I haven’t walked). I have seen Leon, the provincial capital, several times before and am ready to walk through it tomorrow with only a short stop at the cathedral and whatever store grabs me on passage. I’ll stop when I get to Manzilla unless my feet want to move beyond.
In the last week I have walked 94 miles (152 km) and I am feeling like surpassing that in the next week. But if something interesting stands in front of me like the Palm Sunday parade in the last post, I shall stop to take it in.
That 94 miles might have been over 100 had I not have stopped before Astorga the other night. I walked past a small alberge in Murias de Rechivaldo. Something pulled on me. I walked back and talked a while with the hospitalero (the guy running the place). We hit it off. I had planned to walk forward but I stayed. He, his fellow hospitalera (the woman equivalent), and I talked until late in the evening on our path through life and so many spiritual subjects. It was no one-way street; we all profited from each others insites.
The next night held no less a deep meeting, this time with a Porsche race car driver on the Camino to regroup his life. We too learned from each other.
Two intense nights with others and now two days to reflect alone. What gifts! Thanks again, Universe. I am ready to move on.


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    After every storm the sun shines, it seems yours was shining brightly in Astorga.
    The broardband video came thru great and was beautiful to watch.

    Comment by bill — Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

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    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for updating us during the journey. I have dial-up and usually I can’t watch video’s on the computer. This time it worked in a small version, when I enlarged it, it went a little blurred but kept going, thanks again for taking the time doing that for us.
    I wish you a Happy Easter and look forward to your next posting.
    Hope Petra is doing well and will join you again.

    Martha Arts

    Comment by Martha Arts — Friday, April 2, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

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