The wrong path

[Wi-Fi is finally available. It has been absent from my stops since Sarria and I added nothing there. I added this and the next entries today.]

The wrong path
22 Mar – I walked from Alto de Paio this morning and stopped in O Cebreiro for a coffee and sandwich around 12:30.
As I am ready to continue, to walk down the deep valley east, someone tells me it was better to walk forward and take the first road to the right rather than taking the path I think is the one to take. I take that first road. It becomes a farm path that leads me steeply down to a barn. It becomes more grassy and less traveled. I think I am taking a path to get my cart around a bad part of the Camino. It becomes less traveled. Scrub brush is growing in it. By now I am far down and sure that the Camino is to my right. So I cross a field (very down also) and find a traveled path that I think is the Camino. It continues down until it becomes less used also. Farther on it becomes a creek. I am not in the correct location and I’m not going to find the Camino here. O Cebreiro looks a long way back up. In fact by this time it is invisible since I am down in a deep part of the valley.
I decide I have to go back up and try to find where the Camino is even if I have to go all the way back to O Cebreiro. I start. The path is steep and full of rocks and little bushes. I tug and drag the cart less than a step at a time. I stop often to catch my breath. A long way up I discover that where I got on this path, it didn’t continue up. I must have turned the wrong way when I came out of the field. I didn’t; that path ends too. So it’s back up the field of short grass. What a long walk and how steep it is. I continue shuffling up half a step at a time dragging the cart. By this time the backpack is out of the cart and on my back to make the cart more bearable. Then I am back on the original path struggling through the bushes again.
By four I am back on the top. It was 1:30 when I started down. I haven’t found the Camino. I put my pack in the cart and look farther along the road for that right turn. It’s only a few yards/meters farther. It’s well marked and clearly the place to go. But I am tired. I am beat actually. I get a room for the night and sleep a while. When I get up I have cramps in my fingers from holding the cart so tightly.
Tomorrow I’ll try the other path.

23 Mar – It was the correct path and it went far above the one I was on yesterday. It is not difficult at all. There are some steep and rocky places but nothing like the bushes and brambles of yesterday. I should have suspected things were wrong a long time before I got so far down. But I didn’t and the experience was not that bad.

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