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I updated the Thanks page to include thanks to all we can now remember who helped us so far. Thanks, thanks, THANKS. To those who we have missed on this list, thank you so much, also. You are all in our prayers.
Click on the Thanks tab above to see the list.
As we walked, we tried to keep track of the gifts we received. Those that in some way can be assigned a value (like a ride or a night’s stay) I have done so. We added up all these gifts and are quite astounded and humbled by the total we came up with. You who have supported us have done so to the tune of more than 21% of our total expenditures for our Pilgrimage. We are very thankful for your help.
For the gifts we cannot count, we thank you also. To name a few hese thanks go out: to the weather spirits who gave us mainly wonderful weather; to the dogs who walked with us and those who barked and wagged their greetings; for the good thoughts and words you sent us; for your prayers; to the winds that carried us on; to the sun that warmed us in the winter even though you scorched us in the summer; to the cumulus clouds that showed up at 11:30 in the summer to shade us; to the horses and cows that ran over to check us out and greet us; to the mosquitoes that didn’t bite us; to the heat of Missouri that drove us north so we could decide to walk across southern Canada; to the thousands who gave us their smiles and inquisitive questions; to the wide shoulders for walking; to the birds who sang to us so often; to the summer shade trees; to the Universe for assigning this wonderful Pilgrimage to us; to our legs and knees and feet for carrying us all these miles; to each other for enduring and celebrating and dancing through life together; to all the ancestors who prepared our path and walked their paths before us; and to life and health.


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    Dear Mike & Petra,
    I have been following your progress since you were at my Maefield B&B on Oct. 6. Just wanted to send you a Merry Christmas message and congratulate you on getting to Europe successfully. I think of you two every day and wish you all of God’s blessings for the season and the future. My son arrived home for his Christmas vacation. He loves being in the navy and has had alot of sea time during the past couple of months on his ship – the HMCS Toronto. You have had alot of wonderful experiences since you were here and I enjoy reading your journal. You have touched many lives and have spread good will and happiness to everyone you meet – me being one. Bless your hearts and best wishes for continuing success on your pilgrimage. My thoughts and prayers are going right along with you. Lots of love – Sue

    Comment by Susan Gillson Tweedy — Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

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    Congratulations on reaching Europe, I bet you are glad you weren’t walking in NY this last week.
    I was in Lisbon about this time a couple of years ago and loved the city all dressed up for Xmas.
    Glad to see you are continueing your pilgrimage, I will be following your progress.
    Good Luck, and a good 2010 to both of you.

    Comment by bill — Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

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