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Mar 2010 24

300 days

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Yesterday was the 300th walking day of or pilgrimage. It was the 414th day from when we began. That means there have been 114 days that we have not moved for one reason or another. This does not include the month we were in Germany but it does include the time we spent resting in Santa Fe, southern Illinois, Woodstock, and New York along with all the other days we have taken whether to rest or to wait for the weather to be more agreeable.

San Francisco Hotel stampI’m staying in Villafranca del Bierzo tonight. I have liked this town every one of the other three times I have been here so I decided to stop even though it was only 2:30 as I arrived. Actually I argued with myself for half an hour on whether to stay or not before finally saying yes. It’s only a short 10 km (6.2 mi) down the road (three hours max) to Cacabelos, the next town.
In every place we stop for the night and in some others we just happen on, we get a stamp in our “pilgrim’s passport.” Tonight I got an especially well made one from the San Francisco Hotel. They are often quite simple line-drawn efforts, seldom half-tone as this one is. I saw the hotel as I walked into the main square and knew it was my place for the night even though I still had to convince myself not to go forward.

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