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Mar 2010 17

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I continue walking east. All is well with me–but the cart is hurting again. The other axle broke last night on the way into Hospital de la Cruz. Nothing there to fix it. This morning I walked the 13 km here with few problems. I walked on the road most of the way and the wheel stayed on except once when I walked a bit on a rough stretch of path. A repair shop has the good axle now and is sending it to Lugo to a machine shop to make a new one.
The axle is scheduled to be done sometime early tomorrow so I may continue on towards Sarria then. Or I may just rest. I have walked six days–it’s time for a rest day. Last two days were relaxed and slow, 16 and 13 km.
My feet are doing very well. As I noticed a couple weeks ago in Germany, their condition is dirrectly related to stress–when stress is up, they hurt. All I have to do is remind myself to relax when they start to hurt too much. It works. This morning on a tight place on the road, I was walking fast and hard. My feet hurt. I noticed it, slowed down, breathed a bit, and I soon was no longer noticing my feet.
As for the weather, Weather.com is calling for showers or rain in Lugo for the next ten days. I hope they are light. But this forecast is not completely correct since they are calling for clouds today. I have not seen many clouds in the sky and it’s already after three. The sun is very bright. The weather has been wonderful since Santiago. Maybe I can keep dragging the sun with me where I am going.
There are a lot of pilgrims on the road but there were only six others in the small alberge in Hospital last night. In Palas de Rei, they told me there were no lower beds left in the municipal arberge and directed me to a private alberge down the road. It was good and clean though a bit cool. I enjoyed the evening even though there were many others there also.

I changed the statistics spread sheet to include walking totals for North America and Europe together. Before the only totals included the flight miles also. Now you can see just the walking totals.

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