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Jan 2010 25

A delightful mistake

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Our alberge director last night advised us not to try the low-lying portions of the Camino today because they likely would have too much water for us to navigate with our cart. He told us about an alternate road path. We took it but decided to try the Camino early on only to get bogged down. Back to the road.
On N308, a lazy country road, we wound our way up into the mountains. When the path for switching back to the Camino came, we skipped it thinking it was too soon. After a while we realized our mistake but had come a couple kilometers beyond the branch. We opted to continue up our path. In the end we walked over a 400 or 500-meter (1200-1650 foot) pass with some wonderful views in the process. We ate lunch in a small restaurant with a broad panorama just below the pass.
The sun was bright and the wind cool and delightful. Water ran in the ditches everywhere.
Close to the end of the day we passed a goose chasing a pig across the field. For whatever reason he herded him into his home!
Today was indeed a delightful mistake.

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