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Jan 2010 02


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Rain is what it does here. The forecast every day calls for rain. And it does rain. But we learning the habits of the weather spirits here. Most of the rain falls in the night and what falls during the day comes in short down pours with lingering light drizzle. It is like little thunderstorms though thunder doesn’t always happen. Big clouds approach, They dump on us for ten or fifteen minutes and they move on. The air is clear for a couple or more hours until the next cloud appears and rains again. Then everything repeats. We have been lucky enough to be near some structure (barn, stand, shed) where we could hide from the downpours most of the time till now.
Yesterday we had three downpours, today none though it was full overcast all day. Yesterday we met the effects of all the rain. A river spilled over the road so we had to wade a hundred yards (100 meters) in two-inch (50-mm) water. Nice cool water on the feet (shoes and socks off) but my feet didn’t appreciate the rough surface of the asphalt. Tomorrow we leave the Tejo River Valley, the flat breadbasket of Portugal. With its passing some of the mud should also pass.

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