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Dec 2009 17

Hello Europe

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We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal yesterday after a long and tiring flight to Brussels and Lisbon with six hours layover in the middle. Both planes were packed. A week of walking would have been easier. I have an especially hard time sitting still for so long, particularly when I am in a middle seat in the middle isle of a huge plane. And Petra caught a cold on the first flight, the first cold in a year.
But we already feel much more relaxed after a long sleep and a day wandering the streets of Lisbon. As of today it looks like we could begin walking again on Sunday (20th) or Monday. The latter would be especially symbolic since it is end of the old light and the beginning of the new light, the shortest day of the year.
We procrastinated leaving New York. We didn’t want to leave; we didn’t want to stay. We thought of going to India for a rest period. Then one day we bought a ticket to Lisbon, knowing we wanted to stay on our track to Jerusalem. Afterwards we still debated buying a ticket to India. But finally we decided to do that (if we wanted) after arriving in Lisbon. Now it feels comfortable to be here. Now we know it would have been wrong to have made that decision before we had to do so. (We are learning more and more to make decisions only when it is time to make them, not before). We feel ready to walk now and the last thing we would have needed is to spend another ten or 15 hours in three different planes flying to India when we can very well rest a while here should we so choose.

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