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Dec 2009 14

Moving foward

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We have had a wonderful time here in New York and thank our friend Anna so much for allowing us to stay with her in Brooklyn. New York has been a wonderful part of our walk, a crown on what has been a royal pilgrimage walk across the continent.
Saturday we finished that walk with the last nine miles from Anna’s to the Atlantic at Coney Island where Petra burned the two pair of pants and some socks she wore out on the almost 11-month walk. As we returned to Anna’s on the subway, we got off at the Atlantic-Pacific Station, ending our trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
Now we are about to begin the next step. We fly to Lisbon, Portugal tomorrow evening. We have yet to decide whether we begin walking immediately or take some time off first. We’ll do that in the next few days.
You may hear little from us in the next few days, or even weeks. But we are here getting ready for our next steps to Jerusalem. We just may need to take off some times to reflect on what we have already accomplished.

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