Ready to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2003

3 May 03

Two days to go and I am most ready to begin my walk. I have everything gathered on my table ready to secure away in my backpack. I bought my sun hat last night. That was the last thing on my list of purchases.

I have been reading for four months now and am read out. I have been walking in the streets at home to get in shape and I am there. It is now time to do the real walk. I sit at this keyboard excited for the walk while apprehensive of the first days' activities--getting there, getting my pilgrim document, figuring out the exact procedures at the refugios, and beginning the walk. My feet know how to walk once I have done these practical matters. By May 7th or 8th, I expect to be walking comfortably--at least walking--I'll take a few days to get to the comfortable part when my body has adjusted. But I always worry about those unknown utilitarian tasks.

Driving home the other night, I realized with a start that I am about to travel almost 500 miles (hopefully more) and not one of them in a wheeled vehicle. I have moved almost every day of my life in some form of wheeled conveyance. Now I am about to enter the realm of wheelless travel for an extended time and distance--just like our forefathers did not so many generations ago. Wa!

I have read a lot and talked a good talk. Now it is time to put out. I look forward to being dead tired and wildly alive in many of the coming days. Pray for me and for yourselves. Thanks to God and to the Universe for this opportunity.

Time to pack.

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