Slide shows

Our slide shows are more than a series of images with a simple narration. They are a collage of images, videos, and personal reflections on the subject of the show. We offer these slide shows. Click on a title for details and schedule.

We are currently on a a pilgrimage to India--basically. We have no schedule to give these slide shows. But if you see us somewhere and ask, we have them on our computer and can give them on request.

On pilgrimage

  • Hear the call and follow your heart - a reflection on our pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago and beyond. An invitation to follow your dreams. [not currently scheduled.]
  • Walking pilgrimage from Germany to Rome - a reflection into our pilgrimage walk over the Alps and down the Via Francigena to Rome. [not currently scheduled.]
  • Presentation history.
  • We have a working slide show of our walk across America and Europe to Jerusalem in 2009-10.
  • We have a working slide show of our current wanderings in India.

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