Stops on our pilgrimage to Rome


This page lists all the stops and where we stayed as we walked our pilgrimage from Kisslegg, Germany to Rome. The beginning days are not in chronological order. Rather they are in geographical order. We did these first steps as we felt like doing them--in one case before we began to think of the pilgrimage to Rome. The first chart lists the totals for the three phases of the walk. The other charts list the stops. The kilometers are the kilometers we walked on the particular path we took. These include kilometers walked when we strayed from the path and when we walked cities far and wide at the end of the day. You may walk more or less depending on the paths you take.

The total distances in many cases are only a very rough guesses because the guide book kilometers seemed to be quite off the marks on several sections.

The August phase of the pilgrimage took us over the Alps so I have included estimates of the up and down meters each day because they are an important factor in fatigue.

Totals for the pilgrimage.

Stops during the August phase of the pilgrimage.

Stops during the December and January-February phases of the pilgrimage.

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