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Somport to Barran, France

Walk with awareness guided from above.

We walked into France over the Somport Pass on 7 May a couple days after a major spring snow storm. It was cold as we entered this our fifth country.

We are technically still in Spain but only a few feet from France as we pose with the snow at Somport Pass. Spain is behind us in the picture and in our pilgrimage. 7 May 10.

We begin our walk down into France. The Pyrenees stand tall around us for the next few days. But we see them on the horizon daily until just before Toulouse and then a few days after the Canal du Midi. 7 May 10.

A house on a mountainside in the Pyrenees. 8 May 10.

The Altar piece in a very untraditional chapel in Borce. It stands joined to a small pilgrim alberge there. 8 May 10.

Bedous sits in a bowl of a valley below the Pyrenees' snowy peaks. 10 May 10.

The smaller roads here have room for all kinds of traffic. 10 May 10.

Petra tells me as I processed this picture, I made the green a bit more green than it was that morning in St. Christau. I think not. But then I am colorblind I have to say that it was intense. 11 May 10.

This tree has been growing in this fence for a long time. In fact the fence to the left is long gone. 11 May 10.

We are now seeing more and more flowers. 12 May 10.

A walk in the countryside before Pau. An umbrella normally means rain. But we use our umbrellas for more than rain. This might have been a sunny part of a partly cloudy day that had both light rain and heavy sun. We use our umbrellas for both. 13 May 10.

Trees like these shade so many French roads. 18 May 10.

A country scene with church, water tower, and trees. 18 May 10.

The morning market in Marciac. 19 May 10.

Marciac had a huge church. This altar stood above the entrance below the steeple. I do not know what it really is or why it is there. But it caught my attention as I looked from the main altar to the back of the church. 19 May 10.

Off the road and on the path. We don't do this too often. But this morning we were there. 19 May 10.

A chateau that is also a Chambre d'hote and has chalet gites. We happened on this one and had a beer. It was inviting, but we had already booked another Chambre. 19 May 10.

The countryside we walked through on 20 May 10.

A storefront in Barron. 21 May 10.

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