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Artieda to the Pyrenees, Spain

Walk in your power softly as a flower.

A view across the valley towards the Pyrenees from the hill-top village of Artieda where we stayed that night. (1 May 10)

Just about sunset from our B&B in Artieda. (1 May 10)

Petra walks the valley towards Jaca guided by our newly erected route markers. (2 May 10)

These new markers guided us all the way to the French border. Though new they are already weathering. They are nice markers, but I don't expect them to last long. (5 May 10)

Every once in a while we pass a rock pile that invites us to stack rocks on rocks. They end up looking like these we stacked today. (2 May 10)

The town of Bedoun (I think that was its name) sits on a hill across the Aragon River valley from where we were walking. The Pyrenees in the background make it look like a Tibetan city, a bit like Lasa actually. We stayed there as we drove along the Camino path in fall of 2003. When we tried to walk from there we got totally lost and in the Aragon River. (2 May 10)

I liked this bread store ceramic sign in Huesco. Now you get to look at it too. (3 May 10)

The small village of Huesco also had this all-steel Santiago. (3 May 10)

Deer graze quietly in the mote of the Jaca fort. Many towns have these huge fortifications. They are probably too large to get rid of so, like this one, most have been converted into public parks. (5 May 10)

This small town on the way into the Pyrenees still looks like many of the towns along the Camino Frances (the main route of the Camino) did 40 or 50 years ago. It was really rural. (5 May 10)

the Pepito Grillo (Grey Cricket) Albergue where we stayed in Confranc Estation just below the French border. If you look closely, you can see Petra sitting on the porch in front of our room on the right. (6 May 10)

The next day we walked up into the Pyrenees, crossed the border at Samprot Pass, and walked down into France. I took this picture a couple miles (~3 kilometers) before the top. (7 May 10)

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