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The following table is a quick list of our books and their prices. Several now have a permanent 10% discount.

Encounters on the Road to Jerusalem $20.50 10% $18.45
Germany to Rome in 64 days $21.95 10% $19.76
Walking Life (color) $18.45 10% $16.60
Walking Life (black and white) $10.98 10% $9.88
Sicilyís Historic Coasts $17.96 10% $16.16
Mikeís Morgans $17.99 10% $16.19
Our Other Books and Calendar
Our 2017 Calendar $12.95
Do you Have a Match? Bocadillos, Poppies, and Pilgrims Our Newest book! $13.95
Ethiopia: Travels of a Youth $13.95
Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics $9.95
Axum: Coins and Places (a video) $9.95

Do you have a Match? Bocadillos, Poppies, and Pilgrims

Do you Have a Match? Bocadillos, Poppies, and Pilgrims is a personal account of my first walk on the Camino de Santiago in spring 2003. I went there not knowing why. I was only following persistent chills and goose bumps that dogged me whenever I read anything about northern Spain and the Camino. I went because the Universe was pushing me a little more than gently in that direction.

At the end of my third day walking, I met Petra who was to become my wife, my companion on my pilgrimage through life. The Universe had a reason to push me. This book is my personal story of our meeting and my walk across northern Spain.

Encounters on the Road to Jerusalem

In January 2009 we walked out of our house in California and began a pilgrimage walk across America to Jerusalem. We arrived in Bethlehem Christmas Day 2010. Encounters on the Road to Jerusalem brings these 23 months to life. You will share our fears and joys and meet many of the people who offered us a place to stay, often after only a few minutes with us. You will eavesdrop on our conversations as we tell those we meet our dreams and listen to theirs. You will feel us being blown off the roads in the high plains, sweltering in the heat and humidity of Missouri, rushing to beat the first big snow to the Atlantic, and shivering and trying to keep dry in Portugalís winter. What you read here will awaken your own dreams and inspire you to follow them.

Germany to Rome in 64 Days

In summer 2006 and winter 2006-07 we walked from our home in southern Germany over the Alps, across the Po valley, and down the Via Francigena through Tuscany to Rome. We called it a pilgrimage, a walk into self and over the land to a holy destination, Rome. Germany to Rome in 64 Days tells the story of the 64-day journey we lived through sun, wind, rain, snow, and cloudless days. Walk with us as you read of our joys, trials, and dreams on this pilgrimage.

Walking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life

Taking lessons from our earlier pilgrimage walks Walking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life, is a motivating book of meditations. Its texts and illustrations encourage you to reflect on your own pilgrimage through life, to push yourself over thresholds, and to realize your dreams. It comes in both a color and a black and white version.

In October 2000 I traveled the coasts of Sicily from Palermo to Palermo visiting cities tracing their histories back 2500 years, cities in ruins already at the time of Christ, ancient coin collections, Mt. Etna (Europe's largest volcano), and many corners of this island with a thousand faces. Sicily's Historic Coasts tells the story. Walk with me through this series of essays, each a snapshot of a town, a city, a train, a beach, a haphazard pile of rocks--each a glimpse current life, of a long ago civilization, of modern society. They are my view of the turn-of-the-century Sicily.

Ethiopia: Travels of a Youth is a CD-ROM book of essays that take you down the highways and byways of Eritrea and Ethiopia during the late 1960s when I lived there with the US Army. Join me as I visit the capital, Asmara; rest in the hill town of Keren, relax on the Red Sea in the blast furnace that was Massawa. Then take the high roads inland with me to the ruins of the Axumite EmpireóMetara, Yeha, and Axum itself.

Money Meanderings: An Introduction to Numismatics is a CD-ROM book that introduces you to over 85 topics about coins and coin collecting. It includes more than 180 graphics and an extensive bibliography. Both beginning and seasoned collectors of U. S., foreign, and ancient coins can learn from the articles in this book.

Another coin collector's book, Mike's Morgans is my newest book. It is a fun coin collector's book. It is a coin by coin photographic record of my Morgan Dollar collection that I sold in 2012 and 2013.. I have not created a full description page yet so this link takes you directly to my printer,, where you can preview and order the book.

Axum: Coins and Places is a video that takes you over paths merchants walked down 1500 years ago as they visited the ancient city Axum, seat of an empire that ruled the southern Red Sea from the beginning of the third century through the middle of the seventh or eighth century of the common era.

If you are inclined, you can also visit books by Marty Metras. My brother Marty has books on his 2007 Camino walk, a family tree of the Metras, and his Random Thoughts. Walking Life: Meditations on the Pilgrimage of Life. Germany to Rome in 64 Days: Our Pilgrimage. Encounters on the Road to Jerusalem.

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