After Puente la Reina I walked back a few kilometers to join Marty in Obanos. We spent a lazy day drinking coffee con leche (milk) and walking a few more kilometers back and forth to Eunate, a very special hermitage that I like to visit whenever I am in the area.

The next day we walked all of 12 or so kilometers (7.2 miles) to Cirauque to an enjoyable albergue where Marty did little while I walked back to Puente la Reina to make an internet connection.

Then we walked another 10 kilometers (6 miles) the next day to Villatuerta–short distance to avoid going to Estella, a larger city a few kilometers beyond. The private Albergue is new and a delight to stay in.

But yesterday we got ambitious and walked around 25 kilometers (15 miles) to Los Arcos and a bed on the attic floor of the Austrian albergue there.

All days were beautiful in the lower 80s (27-29C.) with mostly light winds–a far cry from the cold, rainy, windy days of April.

This morning I said “Good By!” to Marty and got on a bus for Bilbao. And here I am ready to visit the Gugenheim Museum tomorrow and fly to Germany to visit with Petra and her mother the next day.

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