Back in Santiago

After three days with little and no rain, the rain returned with vengeance to Finisterra this morning. It is good I had decided to return to Santiago today because a three-hour bus ride was about the best use of the day I could have made.

I have left Finisterra for the fifth or sixth time. I always enjoy it.

Finisterra was really our first home together. Petra and I stayed there a month in 2003 as we decided to get married. That was almost 9 years ago now. So many paths we have walked together since then and now we are settling into Santa Fe. Life is good.

After a few more days here, I will look for brother Marty somewhere on the beginning of the Camino Francais and have a cup of coffee with him before heading to Germany to say hello to Petra and her mother and attend a wedding. Then it’s back to Santa Fe to watch the flowers and tumble weeds. (Maybe I´ll even walk a day with Marty if it’s not raining too hard–this is the year of the rain. I have officially ended this habit of walking long–maybe 20 km is not so long once in a while.)

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