Hi Evertone.

I arrived two days ago here in Avila, the home of the mystic St Theresa of Avila who among other things had estacies with Jesus, established the Shoeless Carmelite order of Nuns, and then from her middle 50s until she died at 67 established 16 convents around Spain. She was a busy woman.

My walk across Spain, not at all as ambitious, from Valentia to Santiago has ended here in Avila, after 600 or so kilometers.. Nothing bad. Its ´just time to stop the walking life while I am on the top. Enough is enough. I think Forest Gump is a bit of an inspriation for the stop. I have done a lot of walking in 9 years. It´s time to do something else (though Í’ll not establish a fishing company). So I´ll sit here in Avila a to digest and whatever else and then move forward to the Atlantic for a few days before visiting brother Marty on the Camino Francais and moving on to Germany to link up with Petra.

I am nursing a cold but will head for Santiago and Finisterra by bus or train in the next day or so. It is raining and cold here.

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