San Clemente

If you check the timetable on the page for this walk you will see I’m 9 days late getting here! Most of those days were because of the pick-pocketing and recovery. But one was because of the wind yesterday. The wind (not cold) was blowing in my face at 60 to 75 miles an hour (100 to 125 kph) and I refused to walk any farther after walking 15 miles (25 km). It was worse than any wind Petra and I put up with walking in the west in the spring of 2009.┬áToday’s walk from Minaya to San Clemente was a comfortable 12+ miles (19.3 km) with a LOT less wind. I am now a day behind my recently updated schedule–so much for schedules. But I will be in Toledo on 16 April, two days before Petra’s birthday.

Trivia: 46 years ago tomorrow I began my four years and five months in the US Army. That must mean I’m OLD. I don’t feel like I am.

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