Deep in La Mancha

Hello from La Roda. I am a long 40 km (25 mi) west of Albacete, 12 or 13 days west of Valencia. It has been fine walking. But as Petra says in her post, there are few shops out here with computers to use–much  Wi-Fi but no computers. And where they are we have just not syncronized with each other. When I get in at 7:30 pm I have time for a shower and dinner and to write some notes and and hit the sack before getting off at 8:30 in the morning –Not much computer time there even if there was one.

That 25 miles to get here yesterday was my longest day so far. There seem to be a few more close to it in length, but this one is about the longest on the suggested itinery. It was a pleasent 12 hours walking with the wind square in my face as I walked across the flat fields of La Mancha resting every couple hours. Don Quixote is alive and well 500 years the names of numerous shops and products. Thougth it was cool in the morning I walked the second half of the day without my coat.

I´ve had ups and downs. One day I was ready to Forrest Gump it, but Petra reminded me that I was just starting, I had less than a week walking and I should expect to be sore in a lot of places. I was. And the next day a hotel clerk asked if I would be returning some day. I said, “No, this is a once in a lifetime visit.” As I heard myself say that, I realized just that and snapped into the spirit of the walking. Now I am walking well and, aside from not being able to find a computer often to Skype with Petra or post here, all is well. I’m feeling well.

But I needed to take today off and rest a bit after that 25 miles and get some words out to you. Besides, it is a pretty town just to wander around, sit, and watch the people–and have a couple extra cafe con leches.

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