Extra day (?s) in Spain

I arrived yesterday in Madrid and a kid promptly pickpocketed me! Ah! Pilgrimages, what they have in store for you! Now I sit in a social house with only a few euros in my pocket waiting for new cards and some money to arrive. Life throws you some curve balls once in a while–keeps everything interesting.  It´s also raining and cold to emphasize the mood. I´ll get to Valencia one of these days.Peace and Joy,  Mike

2 thoughts on “Extra day (?s) in Spain

  1. So, so after 69 years you need this experience. Perhaps now you are blessed for your new journey, that perhaps need a little bit more attention!! than you are used to. You got started with asking for help for your basic needs. Is this the first time in your life that you had to ask for this kind of help?

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