Back in Germany

16 Jun 15 – We flew to Germany from Rishikesh today, I via Moscow and Petra via Abu Dubai. Petra’s was on a return ticket of a 10-month old flight and I on a new one-way ticket on Aeroflot, the best deal Petra could find. The flight stopped in Moscow, my first visit to Russia.

We flew together from Dehradun to New Delhi and then I had to wait seven hours longer for my flight sequestered in a visitors’ holding room ( a glassed-in area separate from the check-in counters) before I could check-in my bags. It is ok as I bought a new Paul Theroux book, The Last Train to Zona Verde, and proceeded to read 160 pages of it before I got off the plane in Dusseldorf.

The Questa Café in the airport made a wonderful cappuccino, even if it was rather expensive at 230 rupees ($3.59). During our several months in India we drank very little coffee, preferring the heavily boiled tea. I had two cappuccini to pass my seven hours. It tasted good and helped keep my eyes open to read my new book.

While I waited for my flight in New Delhi, around 2:45 am they called for passengers to get onto the flight to Addis Ababa. I had once considered taking that flight but then opted not to do so this time around. It was an interesting reminder in the middle of the night—lights turned on in my head and heart for a bit.

The Moscow airport seemed out of the seventies with dark and narrow passages between the stores and gates. But T.G.I. Friday’s was just across from my gate as I waited for the flight! America in Moscow!

As a transit passenger In Moscow, I had to pass through security again. We all did that crammed in a tiny room with two scanning machines. They got the task done but not very comfortable for the passengers.

I must say that the Aeroflot flight had wonderful milk-coffee—maybe the best I have ever had on a plane.
In the end, my inaugural flights on Aeroflot were impressive. Interesting that they were not Russian planes, rather both were European Airbuses.

So here I am, we are, in Germany once again. We are already missing things—the heat, the birds, and the people to name three to start with. But it is good to be back here. I feel like staying here a while….

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3 Responses to Back in Germany

  1. Tom Miller says:

    Mike, just curious I was surprised when I saw your post. Was your return to Germany an all of the sudden return or had you planned it? Will you and Petra be returning to India? I don’t recall that you had made any indication that you would be leaving India. Hope all is going well.


    • Mike says:

      Hi Tom, good hearing from you. We had planned this a long time–it is Petra’s return flight from her last August. It was time to go. We will rest here a while and then decide where to go next. We will likely be going back to Rishikesh or Auroville in two or three months. Our long-term plans now call for us spending more or less the summer months in Europe or America and the fall-winter-early spring months in India in the foreseeable future–well, anything can change. So this falls in with those guidelines. You may have missed that we have to leave India every six months even though we have a ten-year visa. That plays into it too.

      • Tom Miller says:

        Thanks for the response Mike. Good to know that you are both well and hope you enjoy the much cooler temperatures. I did know the you need to leave India every 6 months. I think you have a good guideline/plan for the future. Enjoy your time in Germany!

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