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Finding your Camino Rhythms

Group itinerary

This walk is no longer available.

The September 2013 walking portion of our Finding your Camino Rhythms group offering will walk from September 17 to September 24 from Roncesvalles to around Viana. That is approximately 80 miles (130 kilometers). Note that this is one week later than the original dates.

One thing you will learn on the Camino is to be open to surprises, to the unknown, and to change.

We, all of us, will be walking as a group and making decisions as a group. We, Petra and Mike, are there to offer you guided first steps into your own spiritual and physical journey. So the distance we walk each day and consequently the days' destinations can, and likely will, change. We may also change the themes based on how the group is progressing and on what the group wants.

The itinerary may look like we are doing a lot of things together, but we are not. Each day we are starting with a voluntary gathering, walking more or less together, visiting a few specific places, and meeting in the evening. Your guides will be ever-present somewhere in the group when you want to talk with them.

Everything is voluntary. You can choose to take part in or not to take part in all of our activities. If you choose to leave us for a day or for good, it is your option to do so, without refund.

The details

Note that all dates one week later than the original dates.

This is the detailed itinerary for our Finding your Camino Rhythms group offering. If you are walking with our individual offering, you may or may not choose this same itinerary.

Meet Petra and Mike - September 17 at 5:30 pm at the Pamplona bus station.
We will take the 6:00 pm bus to Roncesvalles where we will get pilgrim credentials and a bed in the Roncesvalles refugio for the night. You will be able to eat in Roncesvalles if you so choose.
Day 1 - September 18 - Walk (13.6 mi. - 22 km) Roncesvalles to Zubiri.
Theme: Entering your walking life.
After breakfast at one of the bars and a morning gathering to plan the day, we will begin our pilgrimage walk to Santiago. A couple hours later we will rest and have a coffee break at a village bar. Today's walk takes you down and up many long descents and climbs. We will walk slowly and take our time resting often as you get used to your new walking life.
Day 2 - September 19 - Walk (9.5 mi. - 15.4 km) Zubiri to Trinidad de Arre.
Theme: Enjoying the Camino and finding your pace.
We will walk less today and tomorrow to give our bodies a break and to get into the rhythm of walking and finding the arrows.
Day 3 - September 20 - Walk (3.9 mi. - 6.3 km) Trinidad de Arre to Cizur Minor.
Theme: Being open and going with the flow.
Today we walk through Pamplona. Please note: We will have a little time for some sightseeing in Pamplona today but we will not stop for an extended time. If you want to spend more time in Pamplona, please arrive early and spend the day or more you want to spend there before you meet us at the bus station September 17.
Day 4 - September 21 - Walk (12.1 mi. - 19.6 km) Cizur Minor to Puenta la Reina.
Theme: Receiving gifts.
Today we walk over the Alto de Perdon, a high hill south of Pamplona. We will also visit the enchanting, eight-sided, Templar chapel of Eunate.
Day 5 - September 22 - Walk (13.6 mi. - 22 km) Puenta la Reina to Estella.
Theme: Walking alone for a while.
After a climb at the beginning of the walk we will walk through rolling hills today. On the far side of Cirauqui you will walk over the repaired remains of a Roman bridge followed by several kilometers on the base of a Roman road.
Day 6 - September 23 - Walk (12.4 mi. - 20 km) Estella to Los Arcos.
Theme: Finding your power.
Today you will be treated at the Funte de Irache. The Irache fountain, is a wine fountain. You get to drink their wine free if you so choose.
Day 7 - September 24 - Walk (13 mi. - 19 km) Los Arcos to Viana.
Theme: Challenges.
This is our last day together. Our walk will take us over rolling hills and past a large reservoir. By now you should feel you have found many of your Camino Rhythms. This is your last day to drill us with your questions now tuned by all you have already learned.
Next day - September 25 - Walk on your own.
Theme: As you make it.
You begin to walk your Camino on your own (or with your new-found friends). We wish you a buen Camino!

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