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Finding your Camino Rhythms

Terms and Conditions

This walk is no longer available.

This page describes the terms and conditions for taking part in our Finding your Camino Rhythms accompanied spiritual walk on the Camino de Santiago.

Before we begin with the details, we want to make it clear that we are not a tour company. We are different. We are two individuals who want to lead you into the beginning of an essentially spiritual journey down the Camino de Santiago. Then we will set you free to walk your own pilgrimage.

Fees for group offering

Our Finding your Camino Rhythms group offering includes preparation, walking with you seven days, and follow-up. The package is $1,400 (*€1,037) plus 6.65% New Mexico tax.

An initial $800 (€592) plus tax down payment is due when you register. $50 (€37) of this is a non-refundable registration fee. The remaining amount, $600 (€444) plus tax, is due by July 17, two months before our walk.

July 17 is also the cut-off day for signing up for this offering due to the preparations that you and we must make before the walk. If you desire to sign up after that, contact us to see whether we can make an exception with you.

*Note: All fees in this offering are in US Dollars. Euro values on the Finding your Camino Rhythms pages are estimates based on 1 euro = $1.35. Your euro cost may be more or less depending on exchange rates in effect at the time you pay.

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Fees for individual offering

Our Finding your Camino Rhythms individual offering also includes preparation, walking with you seven days, and follow-up. The difference is we will be walking with only one. If you would like to walk with us on the individual Finding your Camino Rhythms offering, please email or call us for more details and our fees. We will discuss what you are looking for and how you want to customize your pilgrimage experience and our fees for the package you are looking for.

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If you cancel before the final payment is due on July 17, we will refund the full amount you paid less the $50 registration fee. If you want to cancel after July 17, you will not receive a refund.

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What we do not provide

All of the following is your responsibility.

  • We provide no transportation. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Airfare to and from your home and Spain.
    • Any bus or taxi fare.
  • We pay for no accommodations. Our accommodations will be in low priced refugios (hostels) where possible. But you can choose other accommodation if you prefer. If refugios are full, we will stay in low-priced pensions or hotels, which, like the refugios, you must pay for.
  • Any required health or emergency care is your responsibility. We recommend that you get short-term travel insurance. We will ask you to sign a release relieving us of all responsibility for your health and well-being before we begin the pre-walk workshop.

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Personal expenses

Your expenses will be everything beyond our fee; that includes your airfare, transportation, accomodations, and day-to-day expenses.

  • Airfare - The cost of your flight ticket depends on how much you shop around and what special deals you can find. You can either fly into Madrid and take a bus to Pamplona or fly to Pamplona depending where you want to depart with your return ticket.

    Note: If you are in the Finding your Camino Rhythms group pilgrimage offering, do not buy your flight ticket until you receive word from us that we have a minimum number (6) participants to conduct this offering. We will let you know that the walk is on as soon as we have six members; at that time it is safe to buy your ticket. Alternately, at the deadline of sixty days before the walk (July 17), we will let you know if we have to cancel the offering because we do not have enough participants.

  • Bus - The bus fare from Madrid to Pamplona is €30 ($39) and from Pamplona to Roncesvalles €6 ($7.80).
  • Accomodations and other expenses - We will be staying in refugios and cooking for ourselves or eating in reasonable restaurants. Wour cost for this will be between $30 and $40 (€23 and €30) per day depending on your choices. We will be walking on a basic budget not a luxury pilgrimage. We will endeavor to recommend and stay in places that keep you in this range for the time you are with us.

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Release statement

After you submit your registration form and we have received your initial payment, print, sign, and date our Release statement. Return the release statement to us before July 17, 2013. Once we receive your signed and dated release statement and you have made your final payment, your registration is secure. Without this signed statement, you cannot walk with us.

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Number of participants in the group pilgrimage

Our group offering will be with 6 to 12 participants. If we do not have the minimum number of six participants before the final cut-off date (July 17, 2013), we will cancel the group and return any funds already paid. Please, do not buy your air ticket until you receive word that we have enough participants.

If your group closes down because it does not have the minimum number of members, you also have the option of signing up for our Individual Finding your Camino Rhythms offering for a different experience with different fees.

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Physical requirements

Most can walk the approximately 490 miles (791 km) of the Camino to Santiago. But some may have difficulties. When walking in a group, some physical requirements are stricter than they would be when walking alone. Everyone in a group must all be able to proceed more or less together as a group. As a member of our walking groups, you should:

  • Be able to carry 18 to 20 pounds (8 to 9 kilos) on your back, though there are forwarding services that will take your goods to the next stop, for a price.
  • Be able to walk around 2 miles an hour (3.2 kph).
  • Be able to walk up to 14 miles (23 km) a day.
  • Be in reasonable health and be able to control any special health condition.

If you feel you fall short on one or more of these, call or email us before you count yourself out. There are ways to overcome shortfalls in all of these. We are happy to help you overcome what you can so you can walk with the group. But the earlier you call, the better your chance of overcoming what appears to be a shortfall.

The first two restrictions do not apply to our walking with an individual offering, but the third applies to all.

As a note to all, group and individual pilgrims, no matter what your physical condition or amount of preparation, your first three or four days will be hard. You will be doing new things with your body. You will hurt and be stiff in the evening. We who walk much always are also stiff the first few days. But a night's sleep does wonders. In a week to ten days you should be doing much better.

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